Detailed Design

Once the major load paths are figured out and it’s time to figure out the nitty gritty details, we can help here too!

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Joint Design

Structural bonding for weight efficiency, exotic fasteners for unique applications, designing a massive joint that needs to be assembled in the field, or just finding the right rivet installation for your assembly, we’ll figure out the most efficient way of holding your parts together.

Part Design

We create detailed CAD models that balance industry best engineering practices with creative and innovative solutions to ensure that your parts meet the right balance of performance and cost for your program. We can utilize your standards or our own best practices developed from years of working in industry, knowing what works and what doesn’t in all different applications.  We can create model based definition parts and assemblies in most major CAD programs that are ready to transmit to your manufacturer, or create fully dimensioned 2D drawings that can be transmitted to any shop in the world.

Material Selection

We love carbon fiber for its unique strength to weight capability and ease of forming into complex shapes, but it’s not the right answer for everything. Aluminum, steel, titanium, and engineered plastics all have their place on a modern vehicle, and can be formed through sheet metal, forging, machining, compression and injection molding, and even 3D printing.  We’ll help you figure out the best material and processes for your product while avoiding pitfalls.

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