Structural and Mechanical
Design for Any Application

Conceptual Design

We can help take your ideas and form them into reality

Vehicle Exterior

Our advanced lofting and vehicle layout expertise can help bring your sketches to life

Deliver comprehensive models in a cad package of your choice

Assist with payload integration

Class ‘A’ Surfacing

Vehicle Internals

Once the OML is matured, we can develop the internal structures and mechanisms

Support configuration development and trade studies

Ensure weight optimal solutions

Integrate sub-systems to ensure your vehicle will perform the mission right the first time

Our design services can combine with our analysis services to give you a complete structural solution for your project​

Preliminary and Detailed Design

If you have the beginning of an idea but aren’t sure how to bring it to the next level, we can help​

Part Design​

Through expert experience with the biggest CAD programs in the industry, we can deliver manufacturable drawings and models

►  Solidworks, CATIA 3DX, Siemens NX

►  We can also implement a solution to work with any design and analysis software you might be using


We place an emphasis on maintaining efficiency and garnering a cost-effective production and assembly

► Assembly solutions for efficient, rapid in the field solutions, or complex composite bonding and fastening solutions

► Advise on sourcing the right hardware or direct the assembly of unique fasteners in a complex multi-part system

Material Selection

We will help you find the best material and process that helps you meet your design goals

Aluminum, steel, titanium, and engineered plastics 

 Forging, machining, compression, and injection molding, and 3D printing


For over 30 years, SDA has focused on the design and analysis of composite materials.  We like to share our extensive knowledge with those in industries who are currently using or wish to use composites in their projects. We can advise the right material, epoxy, and layup for your application:

Materials: Fiberglass, Carbon, Kevlar, Aramid, Foam Core, Honeycomb

Fabrication: Pre-preg, Infusion, Wet-layup

Let us leverage our expansive knowledge of composite engineering for your project

Manufacturing Support

Fabrication and assembly support to ensure a seamless transition from design to production


Our network of world class fabricators can help you find the right manufacturers to turn your concept to reality and get your parts made to the highest quality.

 Product improvement to reduce costs or improve quality

Act as liaison engineers between you and these shops addressing any concerns that may arise 

Creating manufacturing work orders

Figuring out part re-work dispositions

Onsite manufacturing support


If you have a product already in production but seem to have recurring issues with failures in the field, we can help. We have worked with customers to identify root causes of failure and offered solutions that have extended product life and reduced warranty claims

Fibersim Layup Development

Other Services