Through classical methods and various software tools, such as FEMAP with NX NASTRAN and ADINA, we can help you optimize your vehicle’s design to meet your goals.

Composite and Metallic Stress Analysis

In our 30 years of providing excellent structural analysis to our many customers, we’ve specialized in both composite and metallic stress analysis with a wide range of analysis capabilities. We use a range of tools,  from classical methods to FEA, to ensure that your product meets your requirements efficiently.

Detailed Joint Analysis

A majority of the time, the most difficult parts of a structure to analyze are connections between components. Whether the system is bonded, bolted, or co-cured, our team will determine the best configuration and sizing for your component connections.

Nonlinear Analysis

Occasionally, structural requirements exceed material linearity and small-angle assumptions made in most standard analyses. Our team has many years of experience support advanced non-linear analyses, such as post-buckled, post-yield, and highly non-linear contact analyses with excellent correlation to physical testing. 

  • Geometric non-linear
  • Material non-linear
  • Contact

Dynamic Analysis

For structures with complex loading, our team can use a combination of FEA, classical, and other methods to ensure that your structure meets the requirements of your operating environment.

  • Shock
  • Random vibration
  • Time transient

Aeroelasticity and Flutter Analysis

Flutter is an interaction between structural dynamics and aerodynamics and can lead to catastrophic structural failure. Our team can use our experience and toolsets to identify and resolve potential issues.

  • Load case generation with Nastran Solution 144:  Static Aeroelastic Trim.
    • Utilization of Nastran’s doublet lattice method to balance aero loads from aerodynamic surfaces (including control surfaces) with inertial forces from vehicle
    • Can prescribe any maneuver (i.e. 3.8g pull up) and Nastran determines and applies the aero loads to the structure.
  • Clear the entire flight envelope of potential flutter and divergence issues with Nastran Solution 145.
    • Sensitivity studies to various flutter-sensitive parameters (i.e. wing bending and torsion stiffness)

Structural Optimization

We can help your design go to the next level at any stage of your project.

Our team combines our manufacturing experience, in-house tools, and software tools such as Simcenter HEEDS to help your product be efficient.

Software We Use

We utilize software from Siemens PLM and Bentley Systems for our design and analysis. We partnered with these organizations to provide you with the same advanced engineering products.

Our experience using the software provides us with extensive knowledge to provide high level support to our customers.


Simcenter Femap

Simcenter Nastran




Pre/post-processor for FEA modeling and simulation

The premier FEA solver for structural simulation

Easily modify, update, and iterate composite designs

Multiphysics computational fluid dynamics simulation

The preferred finite element program for linear and nonlinear structural analysis



Powerful, flexible, and innovative product development

Simcenter 3D

Unified, scalable, open environment for 3D CAE

Solid Edge

Create and manage 3D digital prototypes