Rapid Optimization of Composites: HyperSizer Express and FEA

Aswin John HyperSizer, Past Webinars

Rapid Optimization of composites

About this webinar This webinar is an introduction to HyperSizer Express. Learn more about this extremely fast and easy-to-use software that optimizes ply boundaries, determines optimal ply orientations, both locally and globally, and sequences plies based on a weighted objective of mass minimization and manufacturability. It performs automatic iterations with … Read More

Finding the Best Stiffening Method in HyperSizer

Aswin John HyperSizer, Past Webinars

Comparing panel stiffening methods using standard Finite Element Analysis is a time consuming process. HyperSizer allows the user to quickly compare a variety of stiffening methods without any model changes. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how various panel stiffening methods can be compared very quickly, allowing decisions to be … Read More

How to Optimize a Composite Skin Layup

Aswin John Past Webinars

In this webinar, Dr. David Cross will demonstrate how to optimize a composite skin for both mass efficiency and producibility. Finite element forces will be used to evaluate margins of safety for a variety of failure modes, including composite strength, local buckling, panel buckling, and crippling. Mass optimal laminates for … Read More