FEA Modeling from Start to Finish

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Part 1 on Thursday, December 15th will cover pre-processing, including: • CAD import • Geometry editing and meshing • Applying loads • Running a static analysis Part 2 on Tuesday, January 10th will cover post-processing, including: • Enveloping results • Post-processing Toolbox • Creating a stress margin plot • Using … Read More

Load Spreading in FEMAP

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Load Spreading in FEMAP - Webinar Title Slide

This webinar will cover: What is load spreading? How external data, such as a pressure map, can be imported into FEMAP and applied to your model as a pressure load. How pressure plots can be made to compare to the external data. Performing load summation to show how well the … Read More

Rapid Optimization of Composites: HyperSizer Express and FEA

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Rapid Optimization of composites

About this webinar This webinar is an introduction to HyperSizer Express. Learn more about this extremely fast and easy-to-use software that optimizes ply boundaries, determines optimal ply orientations, both locally and globally, and sequences plies based on a weighted objective of mass minimization and manufacturability. It performs automatic iterations with … Read More

What’s New in FEMAP 11.3

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Whats new in femap 11 3

SDA Webinar Slides What you need to know about FEMAP v11.3 Siemens FEMAP 11.3 Slides Femap 11.3 Whats New Presentation from Siemens PLM Software In this webinar, Eric will show some of the new functionality included in this latest release of FEMAP.  Improvements include: Pre-Processing: New toolbar for draw/erase New … Read More