Watch: How FEA Was Used to Reduce Design Time of an eVTOL Prototype

About This Webinar

In this webinar we will demonstrate how we used finite element analysis in the design process of the A3 Vahana eVTOL aircraft, including the canard, wing, fuselage.

We'll cover the steps, all the way from initial sizing to full vehicle analysis.

You'll Learn:
  • The role of simulation and analysis in the product design process.
  • Methods to quickly build a detailed mesh and model for analysis.
  • How trade studies were used to influence the prototype design.
About Structures.Aero and the Presenter:

This webinar will be presented by Nick Mehlig, a Stress Engineer here at Structural Design and Analysis (Structures.Aero).

For over 20 years we have helped companies, primarily in the aerospace field, build lightweight, load-efficient structures. We specialize in composite structures.

During his time with SDA, Nick has worked on projects for A3, Aurora Flight Sciences, Vanilla Aerospace, and much more.