Inertia Relief in Nastran

Using Inertia Relief for full vehicle analysis
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Triangular Elements in Modeling

Disadvantages of tri elements and how to avoid them when modeling. View the Webinar

The Postprocessing Toolbox

Tools for postprocessing in Femap including Contour, Deform, and Freebody. View the Webinar

Introduction to Composite FEA

An Introduction to Composite Finite Element Analysis Theory and Modeling
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FEA Modeling from Start to Finish

This two part series covers preprocessing and postprocessing a structural bracket.
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Assembly Modeling in Femap

Learn how to create glued connections, bolted assemblies, and more.
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Developing Breakout Models in Femap

Global / local modeling using breakout models (submodeling).
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Dynamic Design Analysis Method

DDAM model overview and demonstration.
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Load Spreading using the Data Table

Importing external data, such as a pressure map, and applying it to your model as a pressure load.
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Licensing Methods and Setup

How to setup licenses for Siemens software using FlexLM, dongles, and subscriptions.
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Element Qualities - Jacobian

Describing the Jacobian element and showing its importance in the FEM process
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3D Element Qualities - Jacobian

Discussion of the formulation of three dimensional finite elements
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Contact Elements

Showing and describing the uses of contact elements.
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Groups and Layers in Femap

How and when to use groups and layers when modeling.
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The Meshing Toolbox

An overview of all the geometry and meshing tools in the Meshing Toolbox.
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Common Geometry Problems

How to deal with geometry problems an analyst might face. View the Webinar

Accuracy v. Speed: Mesh Density

Finding the right mesh density for your model.
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Analyzing Composites Using FEA

How to model and analyze a composite analysis.
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Understanding Freebodies

Demonstration of how to set up and use free body diagrams.
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Optimize your Femap Experience

Customizing and personalizing the Femap user interface.
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Model Preparation and Analysis

Preparing the model and submitting it to the solver.
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Manipulating Geometry and Meshing

Editing geometry and meshing a bracket in Femap.
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Latest Version Updates

What's New in Femap 2022.1?

Demonstrating the new features in the latest release of Femap. (Femap v2022.1)
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What's New in Femap 2021.1?

Demonstrating the new features in the latest release of Femap. (Femap v2021.1)
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What's New in Femap 2020.2?

Demonstrating the new features in the latest release of Femap. (Femap v2020.2)
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What's New in Femap 2020.1?

Demonstrating the new features in the latest release of Femap. (Femap v2020.1)
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Femap API Webinars

Intro to Femap API Programming

Setting up and using the Femap API programming platform.
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Advanced API Program Development

How to create custom programs that can automate and ease your workflow.
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Femap API Programming: Integrating Python

How to use Python in the Femap API interface.
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Simcenter Nastran Webinars

Multi-Step Nonlinear in Nastran

Overview of Simcenter Nastran Sol 401 & 492. View the Webinar

Dynamic Response in Nastran

Demonstrating Frequency and Random Response
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Advanced Aeroelastics for Full Aircraft

Demonstrating Static Aeroelastic Trim Analysis and Flutter Analysis. View the Webinar

Aeroelasticity in Nastran

Learn how to perform a static aeroelastic analysis and flutter analysis.
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Nastran Advanced Nonlinear

This webinar will demonstrate the use of advanced nonlinear and how to set up a few typical scenarios.
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Advanced Nonlinear - Buckling Analysis

Explore how advanced nonlinear can predict buckling of a structure that experiences deformations.
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Design Optimization in Nastran

A demonstration on how to set up and postprocess a Nastran Design Optimization analysis.
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HyperSizer Webinars

Fibersim Webinars

Fibersim Overview

This webinar will demonstrate how to increase the rate, enhance the quality, and expand profitability when generating composite parts.
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