NX Design
Mach Series

The NX Mach Series provides high-performance modeling, drafting and comprehensive assembly design powered by synchronous technology. Each tier provides complete solution packages with capabitlies for production work.

Unified Solution

Seamless application integration rapidly propagates changes to product and associated process information

Integrated Simulation and Validation

Comprehensive simulation and validation tools check product performance and manufacturability throughout every step of product development

Knowledge-Driven Automation

Re-use of product and process knowledge across all elements and phases of product development

Engineering Process Management

Fully integrated, synchronized product data and process knowledge management

Tiers in the NX Mach Series

NX Mach Designer

This entry-level solution provides capabilities for creating and editing designs of typical mechanical components and assemblies, with solid modeling and drafting, basic free form modeling and sheet metal design.

It includes tools for design review, rapid prototyping, web publishing, validation checking, the new Smart Content Library and custom program execution. It also adds design-oriented stress and vibration analysis wizards.

NX Mach 1 Design

This solution delivers all the capabilities of NX Mach Designer, plus a managed environment powered by Teamcenter® software, with data management and visualization capabilities for product and process management.

NX Mach 2 Product Design

Mach 2 provides enhanced product design capabilities, including flexible printed circuit board design, validation checking, user-defined features, rendering and 3D annotation.

NX Mach 3 Product Design

Mach 3 provides the highest-performance solution with the entire range of NX design capabilities, including advanced assembly design and advanced free form modeling and surface analysis, design optimization and molded part validation.

Mach Series Tier Features

NX Mach Designer NX Mach 1 Design NX Mach 2 Product Design NX Mach 3 Product Design
Design Modeling
Solid/feature modeling
User-defined features
Assembly design
Advanced assembly modeling
Basic free form modeling
Advanced free form modeling
Free form shape design
Process-specific modeling tools
Sheet metal design
Flexible PCB
Drafting and annotation
GD&T, 3D annotation
Product validation
Product and data validation
Stress and vibration wizards
Design utlities
Design optimization
Data exchange
Web publishing
Custom program execution
Knowledge Fusion and custom wizard execution
Rapid prototyping
Product and process management
Engineering process management

NX Mach Series Tools and Features

Design Modeling

Process-Specific Modeling Tools

Drafting and Annotation

Product Validation


Design Utilities

Product and Process Management

Available Add-Ons

Customers can extend NX Mach Series Design solutions with a selection of optional add-on modules. These add-ons enable customers to configure their design solutions to specific requirements such as specialized design tools, design-integrated simulation solutions, programming and customization toolkits, extended engineering process management and direct translators. Applications include:

  • Advanced and aerospace sheet metal
  • Simulation
  • Human modeling
  • Customization/automation
  • Automotive design
  • Tool design
  • Visual reporting and analytics
  • Direct translators for other CAD systems

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