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HyperSizer is used throughout the design process–including certification–to quantify all critical failure modes, reduce structural weight, and sequence composite laminates for fabrication to avoid unexpected design problems and weight growth as the design matures. It provides a complete CAE software interface that is used from preliminary design to final analysis.

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A new discrete stiffener model (DSM) analysis capability is available in HyperSizer. Using this analysis capability, unique stiffener buckling, crippling, strength, and local buckling margins of safety may be reported for each skin and panel segment component. This provides the flexibility for designing stiffened panel bays with stiffeners that have varying dimensions and materials. Additionally, the discrete techniques will capture the effects of having non-uniformly spaced stiffeners and stiffener terminations. During the analysis, HyperSizer determines how the stiffener and skins fit together to form a stiffened panel. The software will automatically determine the stiffener spacings, heights, and how to map the loads to perform stiffener analysis like stiffener crippling and flexural torsional buckling.


HyperSizer provides six steps to help design and optimize laminates simultaneously for strength, stability, and manufacturability. It begins by generating composite laminates, defining optimum layup areas and end-of-ply transition zones on the part surface, solving for ply count compatibility across the zones, and then sequencing the actual ply ordering while reducing weight and minimizing ply drops. Factors are provided for controlling which plies to drop, plies to maintain continuous across transitions, and the amount of interleaving. The last step provides convenient ways to perform final edits to the laminates and to export and import from Excel spreadsheets, FiberSIM, and CATIA.
New analysis predictions are provided for stiffened panels to capture failure modes such as flexural-torsional buckling (FTB), compression, and shear incomplete diagonal tension (IDT) postbuckling based on NACA TN 2661. FTB is frequently the controlling failure mode for airframes, rocket launch vehicles, ship hulls, and rail cars. Postbuckling is a weight-reducing technique that allows the skin of a stiffened panel to initially buckle before reaching the required limit load and is allowed if reserve strength in the panel can be proven by analysis. However, postbuckling analysis is difficult and time consuming to do manually or with nonlinear FEA.
HyperSizer automates bolt bearing and BJSFM analysis and provides a form to enter data and visualize analysis results. Recent improvements to the bolted joint capability include the automatic extraction of bearing and bypass loads from the FEM without requiring a discretely meshed hole in the laminate. Then the extracted fastener forces are automatically passed to the bolted joint analysis methods to provide a fast, robust solution to reporting bolt bearing and BJSFM margins of safety for every fastener and load case in a global FEM.
DirectX graphics features allow HyperSizer users to post-process analysis results such as margins of safety, controlling failure analysis, controlling load case, and ply-by-ply stresses and strains for the controlling ply and for the outer and inner most plies. Also included is the ability to interactively change the component, group, and assembly definitions by selecting regions on the FEM. Many graphics enhancements have been developed and included in HyperSizer to provide frequently used and unique stress analysis features such as free edge forces, FEM connection joints, and cross-sectional EI, GJ properties.


HyperFEA is a utility within HyperSizer that allows for automatic design updates and iteration with finite element analysis. It requires the ability to call the FEA solver as a standalone executable outside of a pre and post processing environment.

HyperFEA can interact with NX Nastran using the NX Nastran Desktop Extension.

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