HyperSizer Express

Create Lightweight and Manufacturable Composites that Satisfy All Load Cases in Minutes

Optimize Composite and Metal Designs in a Robust Software with an Easy to Use Interface

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Industry Applications


Seats, doors, winglets, flaps


Yachts, sailboats


Doors, trunks, hoods, body panels, floor panels


Orthopedic prostheses

Sporting Goods

Bike frames, snowboards, tennis racquets

Easy as 1,2,3

Step 1: Import

Import the Finite Element Model and Element Forces

Step 2: Select

Select the material, analyses to perform, and design criteria

Step 3: Voila!

Get a Composite Laminate That Satisfies All Load Cases Within 30 Minutes


Visualizing the proposed ply shapes on the mesh allows you to trade weight vs. manufacturability in real-time.
Express satisfies strength criteria during the optimization process. Eigenvalue and displacement limits can also be set by the user.
Optimize the stacking sequence of the laminate based on the ply boundaries that are set.
3D renderings of the ply allow you to visualize your laminate at every step of the process.
Composite failure analyses include both ply based and laminate based strength criteria. Sandwich failure analyses such as facesheet wrinkling and crimping, flat wise tension, and max shear stress are also provided.

Webinar: Rapid Optimization of Composites

In this webinar, Dr. David Cross shows how quickly HyperSizer Express can optimize composites.

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