HyperSizer Express

Create Lightweight and Manufacturable Composites that Satisfy All Load Cases in Minutes

Optimize Composite and Metal Designs in a Robust Software with an Easy to Use Interface

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Industry Applications


Seats, doors, winglets, flaps


Yachts, sailboats


Doors, trunks, hoods, body panels, floor panels


Orthopedic prostheses

Sporting Goods

Bike frames, snowboards, tennis racquets

Easy as 1,2,3

Step 1: Import

Import the Finite Element Model and Element Forces

Step 2: Select

Select the material, analyses to perform, and design criteria

Step 3: Voila!

Get a Composite Laminate That Satisfies All Load Cases Within 30 Minutes


Visualizing the proposed ply shapes on the mesh allows you to trade weight vs. manufacturability in real-time.

Webinar: Rapid Optimization of Composites

In this webinar, Dr. David Cross shows how quickly HyperSizer Express can optimize composites.

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