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Geometry and legacy data access from any source.

Do you work with multiple CAD systems?

Leverage your existing CAD or legacy data to create the simulation model. FEMAP allows you to import geometry from all major CAD systems.

CAD Neutral

Import geometry from any major CAD system (Solid Edge, Solidworks, Autodesk, CATIA, Creo, Pro-E, NX, and many more).

Geometry Editing Tools

Extensive geometry tools allow you to create or edit your element's geometry.

“We often start at the product development stage. Through the acquisition of CAD geometries created by the customer in the preliminary design phase, we build a FEM model that enables us to perform engineering verifications to provide the customer with accurate feedback about required modifications.

Iteration between the FEM model and new CAD geometry necessarily requires an efficient tool like Femap, which can update some operations rather than repeating them..."

Franco Belloni, Co-Founder, NOESIM Srl

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CAD programs that Femap can import fromCAD programs that Femap can import from

Full control over elements, material properties, loads, and constraints.

Quickly set accurate loads, boundaries, contact, and assemblies.

Once the geometry has been idealized, Femap provides tools and commands to define materials, element properties, and boundary conditions to the model.

Data Surface Editor

The Data Surface Editor sets up and edits complex spatial load definitions, and allows set up on the fly with load generation dialog.

Contact and Viewing Tools

Femap automatically determines contact between assembly components and defines the nature of contact. Other methods of connection, such as bolted connections are also available.

Interactive meshing for solid, shell, and beam models.

Want more control of your mesh?

Femap creates fast and accurate meshes of your model using tools that give you full control of the mesh. Get live element quality feedback while manipulating the mesh to ensure a high quality FE model.

Interactive Meshing

The interactive workflow in Femap allows you to make edits to the geometry or meshing parameters, and the mesh automatically updates.

Meshing Toolbox

The Meshing Toolbox brings most of the geometry cleanup and meshing functionality in Femap to one powerful pane.

Visualization and analysis of solver results.

Can you easily access the results you're interested in?

Femap's postprocessing tools allow you to easily analyze any aspect of your solution and make sense of it using visualization tools and data tables that integrate with Excel.

Postprocessing Toolbox

The Postprocessing Toolbox allows you to quickly and interactively setup and change post-processing options.

Data Table

The Data Table allows you to sort, filter and evaluate data within the Femap interface. Use it to rank results or compare data from different output sets or models. Transfer it to third party programs like Microsoft Word and Excel.

lockheed martin femap case study

“Another thing I like about Femap is that it's very visual. It's so easy to make an error in a finite elment model. using Femap, you can view your model in a lot of different ways, and turn different elements and geometry on and off. This helps us double-check and catch mistakes."

Joseph Hess, Stress Analyst, Red Canyon Engineering and Software

[Read the full case study]

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