Licensing FAQ’s

How do I get started with installs?
1. Create a WEBKEY. This is a username/password for accessing the software downloads, licenses, and symptom/solution database, among other uses.
a. Open a browser and navigate to this site:
b. Click on Webkey Account Management (link on left side)
c. Select Create Account
d. Enter the Sold To Acct # of your company and the WAC (webkey access code), which can be found in the upper left side of the user’s license file

e. Fill in the form, choosing a username and a password ‐ pay close attention to the rules listed on the page. A confirmation email will be sent via the email entered in the username profile. When the link is clicked, the account will be activated.

2. Once the webkey account is created and activated, you are ready to download the necessary software.
Navigate to: and login with new username/password.
a. Click on Download and Upload files
b. Find the product to download, for instance, FEMAP
c. Click on Full Products
d. Select the desired Operating system
e. Select the correct software version, and click on the down arrow icon

NOTE: The file will need to be unzipped ‐ users must use 7Zip to ensure that the file is un‐compacted properly.

3. Once the file is unzipped, the user is ready to install.  The user MUST have administrator privileges to install. Do a right‐mouse click on launch.exe and choose “Run as Administrator”.

General Licensing Information:
The Customer Support (GTAC) website is where all licensing information exists.

You can download software and retrieve Licenses & Passwords by selecting the applicable links at that website. You will need a WebKey Account to login.

If you do not have a WebKey Account, click Register as a New User on the login page. You will need to provide your SoldTo/Install ID and WebKey Access Code (located at the top of your License File). SDA can also help you find your soldto ID (give us a call at 703-657-0919).

What is the difference between SDA (Structures.Aero) support and Siemens support?

Siemens PLM Software has a resource called GTAC that all customers use for software updates. SDA provides direct support to it’s customers for inquires regarding program functionality. Occasionally, issues such as software bugs will require us to contact GTAC on your behalf. We will track your issue as it is investigated by GTAC in those situations. In any case, we recommend that you first reach out to SDA for support. This will ensure the fastest resolution for your inquiry.

How do I get a webkey for Femap products?

Please click on the link here. This will take you to the appropriate Siemens PLM Software website for creating a webkey account for Femap.

1. Click “Create Account”
2. Since you are licensing Femap, click on the “Femap” link under “Exceptions”
3. The next page will ask for your “Sold-to ID” and “LM Host ID” or “Serial Number”.

Your “LM Host ID” comes in one of two ways. You can get this from your licensing file, which is sent over email by Siemens when you initially ordered Femap/ NX Nastran. If you do not have this email, you can get it from your Serial number in Femap under Help -> About. The serial number is near the top. It should look similar to “1234-AB-CD-5678-E9FG”. You will need to use the center three blocks, “AB-CD-5678” in this example, as your “LM Host ID”.

I forgot my webkey credentials. What do I do?

If you have forgotten your credentials to GTAC, here is the webpage you need:
Start with the “Forgot your username” link to begin the process for reobtaining your GTAC credentials.

How do I add another SoldTo ID or ServerID to my Webkey account?

Additional SoldTo or ServerIDs can be added to a Webkey account by visiting the GTAC Support WWW page.

Select Webkey Management, and then “Add a SoldTo/Install“.

To add a SoldTo or ServerID to your WebKey account press the “Add a Server/Install” button on the initial form and follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter your WebKey account and WebKey Password. Press the ‘Continue’ key to advance to the next screen. Please Note: If you do not know your WebKey Username or current password, you can call 703-657-0919

Step 2: You will be prompted to enter the SoldTo or ServerID AND the WebKey Access Code of the SoldTo or ServerID you want to add to your Webkey account. If you do not know the Webkey Access Code for the SoldTo or ServerID you are trying to add, you can usually locate it on a license file for your Siemens products.

If you cannot locate your Webkey Access Code, you can call 703-657-0919

Step 3: SoldTo or ServerID AND the WebKey Access Code, Press the ‘Continue’ key to finish adding your Sold-to ID to the WebKey account.

How do I update my license for the latest version of Femap/ NX Nastran?

Login to the Siemens PLM software website with your webkey account. Click on the link for “Passwords and License Files”.

Choose your product, version, and enter or select your LM Host or Dongle ID. Click continue. You should see your configuration on the next screen and a link to “Generate License”.

Click “generate license” and your new license should be emailed to the contact who is on file with your account.

How do I set up Femap with Autodesk Nastran?

In order to get FEMAP to point to Autodesk Nastran one needs to modify a few system environment variables. Administrative privilege levels will be needed for this task.

  • NENAST_EXE : C:\\Program FilesAutodeskNastran 2015EditorEditor.exe
  • NENAST_INT: C:\\Program FilesAutodeskNastran 2015NASTRAN.INI


How do I switch between floating/ network, dongle, and demo license types?

In your installation direction there should reside three batch files:

  • Run go_demo.bat to switch to a nodelimited license
  • Run go_network.bat to switch to a floating/ network license configuration
  • Run go_dongle.bat to switch to the dongle licensing configuration

How do I change the computer that hosts a network floating license?

You will need to fill out a server change request form. This can be requested from

How do I download the latest version of my software?

The Siemens PLM Software download site can be found here ( You will need to log in with your webkey account to access the programs available to you.

Why can’t I use remote desktop to use Femap from another computer?

Those who get a license from a USB dongle (node locked) will not be able to use remote desktop when attempting to work from a separate machine. Remote desktop will only work properly with server-based (floating) licenses.

How do I use the trial license after downloading the trial?

To apply the license for the 45-day Trial after installation:

  1. At the first start of Femap you are prompted for the Activation Code.
  2. Enter the Activation code from the email you have received.
  3. You should now be able to run Femap. Look for the Femap entry on the Windows start menu and launch the application.

How do I get and update my dongle/security codes?

Please note:
Dongle codes need to be updated for major releases of Femap. You will need a webkey account for these steps. If you do not have a webkey account, refer to the FAQ entry for “How do I get a webkey for FEMAP products?”. You also need to be current on maintenance. If you are unsure about any of the above, please contact

  1. Head to the GTAC web page (
  2. Click on the “License Management” drop down, and select “Licenses” (
  3. Select “Passwords and License Files”.
  4. Specify the product, version, and dongle ID, then click on the “Continue” button. This will retrieve a file with your dongle codes.
  5. Start a FEMAP session on the system that has the corresponding dongle  installed.
  6. Select ‘Help About’ ‐> ‘Security’

You can copy and paste the security codes from the FEMAP license file, just make sure not to enter any leading or trailing space(s) on the Access Code 1 and 2 lines.

How to install without removing and replacing the server software. Applicable to any product. Users having a new license (of the same software version) to install on an existing license server:

1. Copy the new license to C:\\Program FilesSIEMENSPLMLicenseServer or wherever the licensing software was installed
2. Rename current license to license_old.lic
3. Rename the new license to xxxxx.lic
4. Open the new license file in either Notepad or Wordpad and ensure that the license server name is correct. If not, change “Yourhostname” to the correct license server system name.
5. Save and exit Notepad or Wordpad.
6. Start lmtools.exe.
7. Make sure the new license is selected (via the browse)in the “Config Services” tab.
8. Make sure the check box for “LMTOOLS ignores license path environment variables” is selected.
9. Select the Start, Stop, Reread tab.
10. Stop the server (don’t wait for confirmation)
11. Start the server