Once you have the Femap user interface set the way you like it, with the desired arrangement of windows, panes and view attributes, you can save both the layout and the view so that you can easily reset them should the need arise.

You can save the user interface layout by selecting File | Preferences in the menu, and then selecting the User Interface tab. In the Toolbars section of the Preferences dialog, click the Save Layout button and browse to the directory where you wish to save the layout file, and enter the desired filename.

layout-and-view-1To retrieve a previously saved layout, click the Load Layout button and browse to the file location.

The model view with its attributes such as model orientation, contour type, background color etc. can also be saved. Views are saved in the View Library under the view name. To save a view, first rename

the view – the default view name is “untitled”. Select View | Create/Manage… in the menu. In the View Manager dialog click the Update Title button, and enter a view name in the resulting Update Title dialog. Now select View | Visibility in the menu to open the View Visibility dialog. In the Entity / Label tab you can save the renamed view by clicking the Save View… button. There is also a Load View… button to retrieve or change to another view.


It’s possible to set up different views for different purposes, for example you can create a view with a white background for printing purposes. Saving and loading views in this way is a quick and easy way to swap between different views with differing view attributes.


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