Femap Tips and Tricks

Extrude Element Edge

In Femap it’s possible to extrude element edges to create new shell elements. This is useful when there is no geometry or other edge surfaces available. Let’s see how you can do this.

To extrude element edges select Mesh | Extrude | Element Face… in the menu, and click the Multiple button in the Select Element Faces dialog. In this example we’re going to select all of the elements of a plate, as it’s the plate edges that are to be extruded. In the Face Selection dialogue, select Adjacent Faces, increase the tolerance to be greater than the corner angles of the perimeter – in this case anything greater than 90 degrees. Then select one of the edges.


Click OK and you should see the Select Element Faces dialog with the list of edges to extrude.


Next, define the method and direction of extrusion, distance to extrude, and the number of elements to cover that distance.


Finally, you can see the new wall elements extruded from the original element edges in one single command .


Video Demonstration

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