Femap with NX Nastran
Desktop Extension

Save Valuable Time and Money at an Affordable Price

This add-on allows HyperFEA to call the integrated Femap with NX Nastran solver directly.

What is HyperFEA?

HyperFEA is a utility within HyperSizer that allows for automatic design updates and iteration with finite element analysis. It requires the ability to call the FEA solver as a standalone executable outside of a pre and post processing environment.

Why do I need the Desktop Extension?

If you have previously tried using HyperFEA with Femap with NX Nastran, you have likely experienced the frustrating workflow where you have to export the deck from HyperFEA, import the deck into Femap, run the solution, and then reimport the loads to HyperFEA.

With the Femap with NX Nastran Desktop Extension module you can upgrade your NX Nastran license to remove the checksum control that is inherent with the Desktop NX Nastran license. Removal of this limitation allows you to manually edit the NX Nastran input files and run the analysis independently of Femap.

It allows HyperSizer to automatically iterate and update the design. This means you can set the analysis to run when you leave for the night and have results when you come back in the morning.

This new open workflow provides greater flexibility at an affordable price.

The Femap with NX Nastran Desktop Extension

The NX Nastran solver that comes as NX Nastran Upgrade for Femap or Femap with NX Nastran is desktop licensed. This means that the Nastran input file for solution must be written out by Femap and cannot be edited by the user from the OS. In addition, the solution must be performed from the same computer that the Femap license was used to write the input file.

The Desktop Extension product is an add-on capability to desktop licenses that removes the above listed limitations. The Node Locked version of the Desktop Extension still has the limitation that it must be run on the same computer as Femap. Users are however able to edit the input files from the OS.

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