An Update to the State of Composite Buckling in NX NASTRAN

This article is a continuation of a previous white paper, “The state of Composite Buckling in NX Nastran,” with some updated findings and conclusions. To read the entire whitepaper, just click here. Earlier this past March, I posted a white paper addressing some of the short-comings associated with analyzing the … Read More

The State of Composite Buckling in NX Nastran

This article is a summary of a white paper I wrote on The State of Composite Buckling in NX Nastran. To read the entire whitepaper just click here. For a stress analyst, there are typically two important factors when designing and sizing a structure. The first is the strength capability … Read More

Shock Response of a Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel

A composite overwrapped pressure vessel (COPV) is a tank that holds propellant for space vehicles. The scale of COPV’s can range by a couple orders of magnitude. Source: NASA. Credit: Boeing. Throughout a typical mission, these tanks can be subjected to shock/impulse loads derived from launch vibrations and stage separation … Read More