The State of Composite Buckling in NX Nastran

This article is a summary of a white paper I wrote on The State of Composite Buckling in NX Nastran. To read the entire whitepaper just click here. For a stress analyst, there are typically two important factors when designing and sizing a structure. The first is the strength capability … Read More

Shock Response of a Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel

A composite overwrapped pressure vessel (COPV) is a tank that holds propellant for space vehicles. The scale of COPV’s can range by a couple orders of magnitude. Source: NASA. Credit: Boeing. Source: NASA. Credit: Boeing. Throughout a typical mission, these tanks can be subjected to shock/impulse loads derived from launch … Read More

Submodeling (Breakout Models) in FEA

For example, in this orthogrid pressure plate, you can use a breakout model (or submodel) to access the stress concentration in the specific joint shown below. If you have a large model, it is impractical (and perhaps impossible) to apply a high-fidelity mesh to the entire model. However, without a … Read More

Generating Aerodynamic Loads | Hand Calculations vs. Aeroelasticity

Within the Aerospace Engineering community, there is an entire sub-discipline devoted to understanding the dynamics of a system and generating loads (propulsive, inertial, aerodynamic, etc). In smaller companies, engineers often need to wear multiple hats, and the lines between classical stress analysis and loads and dynamics analysis begin to blur. … Read More