High Level Analysis

If you don’t know where to start when analyzing your vehicle’s design, we can develop loads models or perform rudimentary hand analyses that take your design’s aerodynamic loads and translate them into internal loads to verify and optimize your structural layout.

Detailed Analysis

If you already have a good idea of your structural layout and need help working through the minute details, we can leverage our many years of experience in various analysis methods to ensure your parts and joints are optimized.

Part Analysis

We can take engineering drawings or CAD from almost any program to perform detailed hand analysis or create finite element models to assess the strength and stability of your structure. Years of working in the industry have given us the ability to determine the proper size and shape of all the various aircraft parts as well as what materials to manufacture them from in order to meet your design goals within your needed timeframe and budget.

Joint Analysis

If you need help determining if the joints holding your vehicle together are strong enough or robust enough, we can take your designed joint definitions and help you figure out if you have the right size and number of bolts or if your bonded joints are strong enough to handle the loads moving through them. The joints that hold an air vehicle together often make or break its design, and we can help ensure that yours are defined properly.

Flutter Analysis

Flutter is an instability failure that arises from the interaction of inertial, elastic, and aerodynamic forces acting on an air vehicle, and it’s a fairly complex failure mode to account for when designing an aircraft. Our team has the right tools and experience to take your vehicle’s structural models and incorporate aero models that allow us to identify and address any failures that may arise due to flutter instability.